Phillipa, James & Sadie – UK Newborn Photography Cheshire

UK Newborn Photography Cheshire

Being welcomed into a families precious newborn bubble is such an honour, I’m well aware sometimes I might their first visitor and that’s something I am very honoured by. Those first few weeks and months can definitely seem like a blur, the days merge with the nights and you often forget what time and day it is. Your in your own little baby world. I love capturing these first moments, I know when I had by two babies that having photographs to look back on is just amazing as it all seemed to go so fast and I love looking back and remembering those slow, cosy days.

Phillipa and James welcomed their gorgeous little girl and wanted to capture those moments. I loved all the moments of them comforting Sadie, hushing her back to sleep, giving her so much love. Its moments like this that its all about!

– Verity

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