Hannah & Jordan – Harrogate Maternity Photography Leeds

Harrogate Maternity Photography Leeds

Pregnancy is such a magical time (sure it has definite ups and downs!) but there are few experiences that come close to creating life. Feeling those kicks, those turns inside you is a feeling I’ll never forget. I am forever grateful that my body has carried 2 beautiful babies and everyday I look at them I am constantly amazed at how I created them! It’s not always a time you want to be photographed, the changes to your body are huge but believe me you will want them after your little baby is earth side. You’ll want to show them off and say “look what my amazing body did!”! And it is just that, our bodies are amazing, each one so unique just like each pregnancy.

Hannah and Jordan wanted to capture some moments of them together before they became a family of 3! At home sessions are a perfect way to stay at home warm and cosy and comfortable and still get the photographs you always dreamed of! I am so in love with this session and beautiful couple! More sessions showing of gorgeous bumps please!

– Verity

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