Ines, Neil, Jacob, Noah, Felix & Ezra – Lake District Family Photography

Lake District Family Photography

The Lake District has to be one of my favourite places in the world. You can step out of the car and go for a walk in the most amazing landscapes and not see another person! You get to enjoy the most amazing locations all to yourself, its so so beautiful. Its been on the top of my list of places to have a session for a while so when Ines reached out I was so excited, and knew just the spot! With her husband Neil, and their 4 boys they were such a dream to photograph! It was so much fun watching how all the boys interacted with their brothers, I’m sure they have their moments but there was such care and sweet moments between them. I have two boys and I can only imagine what Ines and Neil deal with on a daily basis! But there is something so special about having that bond, they are such a solid family unit, they will always have each other and be there for one another. There is nothing like family and I am just so in love with this session!

– Verity

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