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What I love about family photography is how beautifully unique every family is. The way they interact, the way they bond and the way they live. Getting to know all these amazing families is a real privilege and I feel so lucky to capture special moments between them, being welcomed into their family for the day. I met Stacey and her husband Stacy at Bolton Abbey with their 3 gorgeous boys, Emmett, Oakley & Averie. Now having one boy I know how much chaos they can bring but also how much love and joy, so even though I am sure they have their hands full a lot of the time they are also filled with love for all 3 of them. It was a beautiful summers day and we had so much fun playing in the long grass and having a dip in the river. It’s these lazy summer days that I just love. It was a great afternoon spent with a special family and I loved creating these memories for them.

– Verity x

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