Stefan, Zoe, Penny, Samson & Josiah – Family Photography Leeds

Otley Family Photography Yorkshire

Winter sessions can be just as beautiful as any other time of the year. The trees may have lost their leaves but the low sunlight in the winter months is just so beautiful. Its also a good excuse to get all snuggled up in blankets when its chilly outside! One thing I love most about my job is meeting new families, Zoe and I had chatted on Instagram for months before we booked in a session to capture her family and I just knew that we would hit it off. Since then we haven’t gone over a day chatting and sending messages, we chat about family and all wellbeing goodness! I think as soon as you become a mum you get welcomed into the most amazing group of friends you’ve ever had, there’s understanding and support whenever you need it. Apart from being a great friend Zoe is the most amazing mother and it was a pleasure to capture these moments for her and Stefan!

– Verity x

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