Portrait Photographer Leeds

It had been a week or two since lockdown and we felt, like everyone else, scared of that this meant for our business and for our everyday life. We needed some fresh air and with the guidelines went on a gentle walk down to a secluded spot and found the most amazing blossom trees. It reminded me that no matter what life goes on, the world still moves around, flowers still blossom, birds still sing, it was the perfect reminder that we would get through this. Life is beautiful. Every bit of it.

We were even more grateful to have River with us, keeping us busy and our minds and hearts filled! He is the greatest achievement of our lives and I just cannot explain the love I have for him. Capturing these portraits with him was so important to me, when we look back on these in years to come we will remember what was going on and how we saw the light in all the shadows. We took 10 minutes to capture these shots, as much as time as River would stay still for too! Its reinforced how important family photography is and am so empowered to provide other families with memories they can do look back on for years to come. No moments lasts forever, good or bad, with children and babies those moments are sometimes so short you blink and you will miss them! So its my goal now and my purpose to help families preserve these precious, beautiful life moments! If you’d like to know more on how to book a session please get in touch!

– Verity

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