Otley Family Photographer

Jeni got in touch with me as she wanted a session to capture reaching one year of breastfeeding her son Fergus. Breastfeeding for any amount of time is definitely an achievement, as I know myself, its not an easy job! However, even though it comes with its hard days and nights, its also one of the most rewarding jobs too. Although this beautiful setting is definitely not what the other 99.9% of feed times look like it was such a nice way to celebrate this amazing milestone.

The evening light was soft and warm which made the perfect atmosphere for the session. Fergus was so cute, giggling nearly the whole shoot, its so nice to see such a happy baby! He managed to stay still for just the few seconds I needed to capture these moments, and loved roaming around the woods!

As a photographer herself, Jeni knows how important capturing moments like this is, life goes so quickly – which becomes even more obvious when you have a baby! Its easy to not make photographs a priority, but its more than worth it, when you can look back on all these memories and remember how you felt in that moment and hear your babies giggles the photographs become priceless.

Jeni, Dave and Fergus were such a beautiful family and it was a pleasure to capture these moments for them!

– Verity x

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