Family Photography Yorkshire

I photographed Fran & Ian’s wedding a few years back so when they asked if I could photograph their growing family we were so excited. Its amazing as wedding photographers to be able to provide couples with memories to look back on for decades to come, and even more so when I then get to do the same for their families. Since having our own son, River, earlier this year we now know how important family photography is. River is 4 months old now and growing so quickly. We look back on portraits we took of him only 2 months ago and already he looks so different. Having these photographs to remember times in their lives is so important to us and to other families.

Its always seemed natural for me to photograph River outdoors so that’s where I started with Fran, Ian, Alethea and their son Zachary. In one of their favourite parks we headed out on a lovely sunny day to capture their family naturally enjoying time together. And as we now know having River, its not always smiles and giggles! Zachary wasn’t too keen on having his photograph taken but that’s how it is sometimes, and after all that’s how families are. I loved our time with this beautiful family and it was great to catch up and reflect on how much things have changed with Fran & Ian!

– Verity

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