Family Photographer Harrogate

Having the opportunity to photograph beautiful families is such a privilege and I was so excited to meet Maria and Omar and their 5 month old baby Lianna. Maria wanted to capture the beauty of the autumn colours in the shoot and this wonderful spot made the perfect backdrop for their session. Lianna was just gorgeous, giving smiles on queue and loving all the attention!

Its been a hard time to have a baby this year, not being able to capture those very first moments or even the first few months as they’ve been welcomed into you’re world so I was so glad to be able to capture these memories for Maria and Omar to look back on with Lianna.  Babies grow so quickly, too quickly!, so capturing as many moments as possible is so important! I’m sure Lianna is going to grow into a beautiful little girl and has made the perfect addition to Maria and Omar’s world. Here are some highlights from their family shoot! 

– Verity x

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