Family Photography Harrogate

Capturing memories in these uncertain times is more important than ever. Its reinforced how precious life is and how we should all live in the present. Although the last few months haven’t been something that all of us want to remember a lot of us have grown closer as families and shown what’s important in our lives so capturing these beautiful honest family moments is so important.

David and Laura wanted to capture some moments with their gorgeous sons, Peter and Rex. It was so fun watching Peter run around screaming about how much he loved dinosaurs and little Rex, who wasn’t too happy for the first half of the shoot enjoying quiet cuddles with his mum. Family dynamics are all so unique and it was clear how much this family of 4 have together enjoying the outdoors!

They’ve definitely given me an insight into what having a 4 year old is like so I am preparing for non-stop antics with River already! Here are some highlights from their family photography session in Otley.

– Verity x

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