Family Photographer Harrogate

During lockdown River took his first steps. It was the most magical thing to see and something I will always remember. Lockdown was strange, for everyone, and it made us realise how incredibly grateful we are to have such a beautiful family. No matter what we will always have each other and that’s all we need.

I wanted to capture the moment River took his first steps outside and luckily we are blessed to live in such an amazing location that we didn’t have to go far! We put him down on the floor and with a bit of hesitation he started exploring this whole new world that’s now open to him! He kept looking back for reassurance that we were still there and held out his hand for his dad to guide him through the field. I am so glad I took the time to capture these moments, moments that we will look back on with such happiness.

We’ve been positively looking on the bright side of everything and having time to actually spend at home with River watching his every progression has been the best thing. Of course there are uncertainties but we are determined to come out of this stronger than ever before and I have re-found my passion for photography and am eager to get back out there shooting as soon as I am able! I hope you have also found gratitude in these unusual times.

– Verity

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