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I offer bespoke photography sessions that can include a location of your choice outdoors or all snug inside at your home or even a mixture of both! Shooting family photography sessions outdoors is beautiful and I’ve always loved being outdoors so it felt like a natural thing to offer family and portrait sessions in the stunning countryside we have to offer here in the UK. All the seasons can be magic, and if we time it right the light adds the perfect finishing touch. I love photographing in Autumn and Spring especially, the colours from both seasons are just amazing.

The sessions can be whatever you want them to be. A gentle walk in the park, visiting the zoo, a picnic, going to a pumpkin patch and everything in between! Its a great way to get the kids involved with some light distractions on the shoot! I always love asking families to bring their favourite blankets, books and toys on the shoot, these personal items can make such a lovely part of the shoot and also adds some comfort to the baby/kids if they aren’t in the happiest of moods!

Indoor family sessions are more intimate and often more emotive. Your home is your personal space, where your family has grown and shared so many moments together. When we had our son, River, last year we didn’t leave the house for quite a while and enjoyed being in our cosy “baby bubble” ! So I know how special these spaces become. I have been welcomed into so many beautiful families homes and photographed them at ease and relaxed. To me that just makes the perfect setting. Whether its lounging on the sofa, lying down for cuddles on the bed, changing nappies, making food, having a bath, I love to capture whatever is important to you. I photograph so many moments with River throughout the days and have loved seeing how he interacts with our pets, so whilst I love capturing “standout portraits” that require a little bit more time to set up, honest moments like this are just as important – so I do both!

If the locations work out I love doing a bit of outdoor shooting and then a bit on indoor shooting to include both. Its a great contingency plan if the British weather isn’t on our side to think of an indoor option! Either way its not really the location that matters, its you and your family. Your connection is unlike anyone else’s I feel its my duty to leave as many families as possible with memories to cherish forever.

If you’d like to know more please get in touch or visit my Investment page, I look forward to hearing from you!

– Verity x

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