My husband (Chris) and I have been professional wedding photographers for nearly a decade and we’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to speak at conferences around the world and photograph in incredible destinations across continents. We LOVE our life and welcoming our son River into the world in May 2019 was the most amazing moment for us both. Like many new mums I found myself struggling to be away from him and that pushed me to find a new passion in my life that would allow me to spend more time with family. From the moment River was born I began capturing as much as I could, wanting to remember the different stages of his life as I saw him growing up before my eyes. It was in capturing his early development that I realised Family Photography was the next logical step in my career and one that I was truly passionate about. Since then I’ve fallen in love with capturing beautiful families, the connections they share are something that NEEDS to be captured and I love to be able to do that. Photographs have always been important to us, but having River has reinforced that in a way I could never have imagined. There are some things you just can’t put a price on and memories are certainly one of those!

I’ve always loved art, in just about every form it takes. Some of my earliest memories are sitting on my dad’s knee while I watched him paint. I suppose that having a painter for a dad and a writer for a mum I was bound to end up doing something creative – it’s all I’ve ever known! I’ve always dreamed of being an artist and from the moment I picked up my first camera (A Nikon FM2 some time in the 90’s) I knew that it was the perfect tool to express myself. Portraiture and family photography has been the perfect outlet to combine the skills and techniques that I’ve learned over the past decade as a professional wedding photographer with the fine art photography that I have always loved and which my Bachelors degree was rooted in. Each photograph is like a piece of artwork and I feel so grateful to be living out my childhood dream of being an artist whilst providing families with memories and art at the same time.

Growing up in Rural Wales my sister and I enjoyed the beauty of nature and playing in the endless countryside. Since then I’ve always felt at home outdoors and couldn’t ask to live in a better place than Yorkshire alongside the beautiful River Wharfe, just down the river from where my husband and I were married 7 years ago. Chris and I enjoy long walks with our son River and our dog Kaya and when we aren’t taking photos keeping active is at the top of our priorities – Chris even more so as he’s in training for an Iron Man Triathlon, something I’m not quite able to get my head around.

Our son River was born in May 2019 and I’m already amazed at how fast the time is flying by. I know first hand how easy it is to make excuses and say ‘We don’t have time’ for photographs but down the line, be it 5 years or 50 years, I know I will be grateful for the time we made to capture as many precious moments as we can. Life is so precious – let’s make magic happen!