meet verity

Me and my husband have a gorgeous son who’s just turned 2 called River, I’m kind of obsessed with him! He is the happiest, cheekiest little boy and he’s filled our lives with so much love! When I’m not working we spend our time out in our van on day trips and camping, exploring the countryside and going on adventures with Riv. I’m really into wild swimming and am grateful to have such beautiful spots nearby to go to! I’m always inspired by nature and just being outdoors makes me so happy!

I have been a photographer for over a decade (makes me feel very old to say that, but I started straight out of UNI!). Me and my husband started a wedding photography business which saw us travel the world and become key not speakers, it was amazing and something we are so proud of.

When we welcomed our son in 2019 our lives changed in so many ways! He is our entire world and we will forever be grateful for being his parents! What I wasn’t expecting was how much he inspired me to capture our day to day lives like never before. I fell back in love with photography and started my journey as a family photographer!

Seeing how much he had changed from each shoot I did to the next reinforced to me why family photography is so important. Those baby memories and each milestone become SO precious! To be able to give that to someone else is honestly a dream come true. I am honoured to capture so many beautiful families just being themselves and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!